Eastern Europimpin'


That grin tho…

Get ready for Party Anthem Night and rock out with the cast to LMFAO! via - (DWTS FB)

YES! i need a rumba & Paso from team vanica also. Val hasnt done a rumba in like 3 seasons & a paso in almost 2, and they are my favorite dances of his. what is up with that? gotta make sure they are around long enough for it to happen this season.
- Anonymous

Yes i love his Paso and Rumba…Dude i really hope we get it this season..Prayers go up. Amen

like the art of the wink picture of Val but with pictures of Val and Maks
- Anonymous

I dont think there are any with Val and Maks

I've seen some posts that says they find Danica forgettable along with her dances. I like all her dances and I think her and Val's Quickstep was for very memorable. People need to vote they are a good team. Are you getting that feeling?

Danica forgettable??? please…..I dont think that at all..She is forgettable but they are making posts about how forgettable she is lol funny. Any ways….Last week was amazing…I really need a Rumba and Paso from Vanica now

where can i find a four picture collage of Maks and Val?!
- Anonymous

i dont understand what you are talking about


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