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DWTS Party for Mark Ballas || Val can be seen @ 14:19 & 23:56 

#2 Janel Parrish and Valentin Chmerkovskiy had that Jennifer Lopez and Maks chemistry happening. Janel is a go-getter. She knows how to “werk it.” And yes, I spelled that correctly. “Werk” is a word in the dancer dictionary that dancers yell at each other when they give great face and great attitude…Basically, it means to be beyond fabulous! She’s fearless and powerful. She needs a bit of control but I believe that will come as the weeks pass. I wonder how she will do with the ballroom dances when “werking it” will not apply. Ballroom is not about giving face, it’s about giving us technique.


Access Hollywood After the Results.  I like their dynamic.

Any chance you know where we could find the interview with val and janel backstage with dominic or the one with george?

Thank you so much! Love this site :) 

I posted the George interview 

Janel was definitely underscored.  Last night, I was ashamed of the judges.  But Val is right; work hard and prove them wrong.  You know how good you were ;)

After rewatching Janelskiy's performance, I have to say I was impressed by how much "solo time" Janel was given. Major compliment to Val for showcasing her and her abilities. In some cases, the pro dancer did a lot of the work while the star was going a long for the ride. Love their partnership and it shows how there isn't some formula in how people develop a bond/friendship.
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I wonder if Val is gonna continue too write his blog posts about dwts... I find those very informative; it's nice to have his perspective on things...
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I hope he does. Really love reading those