Eastern Europimpin'
Funny thing - you referenced "The rock that your on" in a previous post and funny enough the place I live is referred to as "The Rock"

Lol my rock is officially called Grenada.

Ok, but did you make it clear to Val that we want HIM dancing like Mario. I mean Janel can join in the fun, but....lol.
- Anonymous

Yes I did 👀😂😂

Alfonso and Janel have a background in Broadway, tap, etc... Wonder if they're going to be like Corbin... Because if that's the case, I can definitely understand Val's excitement if she's, indeed, his partner.
- Anonymous

Janel dance background is nice. I guess that’s part of his excitement. She is not going into this completely blind and lost.

I think he's so excited because 1)His partner's probably very good, and 2) Bc Maks finally got a trophy so now Val can focus solely on himself. I still kinda think it could be Shay tho... Until the official reveal it could be anybody, I guess... But I remember a tweet he sent to Shay a while back saying "It's being choreographed" or something like that, and a while later she replied with the dancing emoji... Always wondered what that meant... But yeah, last time he was this excited was on S16
- Anonymous

No Anon it’s not Shay lol. I’ve let my dream about Val and Shay being partners sail until next season lol. In regards to his tweet to her, I always believe that they worked on something privately. What IDK and i guess we might never know tbh

His excitement is real….I love it 

I don't remember Val being this excited before the season even started. Like, even more than the typical 'my partners great'. He's getting me excited too.
- Anonymous

I feel his excitement all the way from this damn rock….Let the games begin